Day 2

Here I am day two of this journey, and still I feel like I am procrastinating.  The thing is, I spend all morning trying to concept my photos and then spend the afternoons shooting and the evenings editing.  I finish the project, but it is normally later in the day.  My hope is to have at least a few days that I can get this wrapped up by noon.  This project was supposed to make me take each day one by one and not let the holidays bog me down.  I guess I need to re-frame my perspective.  Speaking of frames (nice transition don’t ya think?), todays assignment was Frame the holidays.  Literally frame something.  Now, some people in the class got the wonderful shots using doors and windows as their frames.  Others used empty frames and got wonderful christmas imagery.  Me?  Well, 3 things factored into my decision today.  1) None, I mean NONE of my Christmas decorations are down.  They won’t come down until at least Sunday. 2) When I think of Christmas, I think BIRTHDAY!!!! I am a Christmas Eve baby so these go together like kissing and mistletoe and 3) I really really wanted a cupcake today. What did I do?  I head on down to Cinderella Cakes and Cookies Too in Rancho Santa Margarita and browse their amazing selection, of course.  They are so friendly there and were eager to help me find just the right cupcake for this shoot. Not only was this a beautiful cupcake, but it was delicious too. Did I mention I love cupcakes?  Enjoy my photo of the day: Framing the Holidays

P.S I’m really sorry if this makes you want a cupcake too.

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