All You Need Is Love…right?

Oh man.  If I thought I was procrastinating yesterday then I don’t know what to call what today was.  I am determined to complete a NEW photo a day for this class.  I don’t want to cheat myself.  And yes, I know, who will really know right? Well, I will, and that is the worst part.  I know I am my own worst critic. To top it all off, I hit a wall with todays theme. We were given the assignment All You Need Is Love.  Sounds easy until the instructor added, “hearts can be found anywhere if you just look.  See if you can find some hidden hearts”.  Okay, hidden hearts, holiday, all you need is love.  I had a hard time finding those hidden hearts, but then again, I was indoors giving massages today so I was limited in my surroundings.  Then I started thinking about what I could do that wouldn’t be so obvious. Everything sounded obvious.  So I turned to the other students to see what they had posted.  That was a bad idea because it confused me even more, too may ideas. Finally at 11:15pm PST I had an epiphany.  What is something  that love does to us?  It changes the way we see things, people, even holiday seasons.  Example, I LOVE Christmas, and every year I always see people as being friendlier and nicer.  I am not quite sure that it is true, but there is just something about the holidays.  This photo is representing the distorted view of the holidays and how it is not always a bad thing.  Happy holidays!

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