It’s All in the Details

You know how sometimes you are running around and feel completely overwhelmed? Then you look down and see something that makes you stop.  Maybe it is the way the ribbon is curled in a surprisingly beautiful way while you are wrapping gifts, or the soap bubbles come together in a configuration that just plays off the light.  That is what my assignment for December 6th was.  Find that “thing” in my day.   Take the time to notice the details and not go crazy.  This is good advice for me right now, with finals looming their ugly head and holiday commitments.  I am a big ball o’stress. My husband is trying to reassure me that I will do great on my finals, but I am such a perfectionist at things, I am not going to be happy with any less than an A.  On top of that, I am trying to get the condo, “Christmas Ready”.  You know, move the furniture around so I can bring the Christmas decorations down.  (No, I haven’t done that yet and I am very very sad.) Well, last night I was cleaning and noticed one of the ugly sweaters from Saturday’s Friendsgiving/Ugly Sweater Party. The way the light hit the sequins caught my eye. So out came the camera! See, inspiration can come from anywhere!

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