Shaping Up

One of the things I love the most any time of year, is when I discover something that sets my mind off in a million different direction.  It is one part magic and one part imagination.  A feather can have  the shape of a tree and off my mind goes, imagining a tree made completely of feathers.  What kind of bird would sit in that tree?  Or a leaf that looks like angel wings. How tiny is that angel? And what happened that their wings are here and they are not? 

This journey through imagination was today’s inspiration.  Find something unexpected in the shape of something else.  This was really a fun prompt to explore.  The best part was that I have my Christmas decorations down now.  So many great possibilities!  I was decorating the tree when I was hit by how much the garland we have reminds me of champagne bubbles strung on a string.  I grabbed a champagne glass out of the cupboard and placed the garland inside.  I really love this photo for how simple it is.

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