A Whole Lot of Happy

Cookie Day is one of my all time favorite holiday traditions.  I come from a decent sized extended family, there were 10 grandkids in all on my mom’s side, and we all get together on a Sunday afternoon in the beginning of December.  We all gather in my Auntie B’s kitchen and bake cookies.  Everyone brings their supplies and the kitchen is full of holiday fun!  We even have extended Cookie Day to friends of the family and it has become a tradition for them as well.  Every year there is food and drink and Christmas music along with the sounds of laughter.  And for the past 3, or maybe it was 4, years my cousin’s best friend has joined us with her little girl Ella.  Ella is such a sweetheart.  She has decided that she wants to be a model, so when I tried to get a photo of her with dog earmuffs on, it wasn’t going to happen.  She pulled them down and started modeling for me.  Doesn’t she look so happy to be at Cookie Day with all of the sugar and candy? Well, my phrase for yesterday was A Whole Lot of Happy and looking through my photos from  Cookie Day, this just screamed happy!

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