Simply Divine

Finals are driving me absolutely crazy!  I think I am done with everything and just have to turn it in tomorrow.  Today’s challenge is NOT to look at the projects because I will try and change them. Then I am in real trouble.  To keep my mind off of this, I will be keeping myself VERY VERY busy between now and 12:45pm PST tomorrow.  Today I am focusing on finishing up my Christmas decorations, seeing a client (did I mention I was a massage therapist too?), finishing addressing Christmas cards and having fun with my Picture the Holidays prompt.  What is it?  Well, you’ll just have to wait till tomorrow to see what I kept myself busy with today.  But, in all fairness, I will share yesterdays prompt and photo. 

Ever since I was a kid, I have had an obsession with Swedish Angel chimes.  They are so simple and so beautiful.  When I got older and my mom no longer had ours, I went searching everywhere for them.  I found an abundance of German pyramids but no Swedish Angel Chimes .  I was overjoyed when I found them! Every year at Christmas, these are some of my favorite decorations.  I love listening the delicate chiming. When I got my assignment for the 13 and it was Simply Divine, I thought I would drive to my church, the Mission Basilica San Juan Capistrano. Alas, my projects for school kept me glued to my computer.  What could I use then?  I have a beautiful cross collection on my wall.  That could work.  Or how about my angel chimes? I have always thought of the chimes as ringing in the Savior’s birth.  That is divine, right? And my favorite picture of me as a child at Christmas is with angel chimes.  Why not?  Here is my interpretation of Simply Divine.

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