Sincerely Yours

I know you are all anxiously awaiting yesterday prompt. Well, before I get to that, I will have you know I did a great job of keeping myself busy. I addressed most of my Christmas cards, ran errands, even gave a massage. How happy was I when I realized my prompt would go nicely with what I had already planned for my day? Remember how I said I addressed most of my Christmas cards? Yeah, that came into play today. I love that my email today talked about the dying art of written correspondence. That once a year we revive that art in the form of Christmas cards. I love getting mail. Even though it is so much easier to just send a forward or link to something, there  is something about opening your mailbox to find something there waiting for you. My aunt still to this day does that. Whether it is a picture or a magazine clipping, it is still great to open the mailbox and see that there waiting for me. I love it so much that I have taken that idea and am passing it on to my nephew. He is only one, but he will grow up remembering the packages he received from his Auntie DayDay. Here is todays photo, Sincerely Yours.

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