Project 365

With the end of December came the end of my Picture the Holidays class. Throughout the process I have been asked if I would consider trying a 365 project.  After some careful deliberation, I decided to take it on.  I should probably explain what a 365 project is.  The concept is pretty simple, take a photo a day for 365 days.  But that is where the simplicity ends.  I may be calling on you, my friends and family for prompts.  Trying to find new and interesting things to photograph and finding the time to actually take the photos.  Rather than start with the photos I have taken through December, I wanted to start fresh in 2011. Call it a New Year’s resolution of sorts. To start off January, I have signed up for yet another on of Big Picture Classes Picture the… classes.  This time it is Picture the Winter.  All of January I will get a prompt or assignment in my inbox.  I hope you will all follow me throughout this new journey.

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One Response to Project 365

  1. tonynewboult says:

    Hi, I’ve just signed up for the postaday2011 challenge and have also set myself a challenge of taking a photo a day. I didn’t realise it had an “official” name of Project 365, I think I’ll edit my tags to include that title.

    Good luck with both the blog & Project 365.

    Happy New Year


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