Breath of Fresh Air, take 2

I think I am having deja vu.  I opened my inbox and found the email for todays photo, Breath of Fresh Air.  Didn’t I just do this one?  Oh, that’s right I did.  And wasn’t it raining the last time?  Yes it was.  Well, welcome to Breath of Fresh Air, take 2.  I have a feeling I may have a few repeats in my prompts this month.  I am not complaining, I may be able to try something new or improve on photos I may not have been so happy with.  There isn’t too much different about this photo, other than it was absolute favorite out of all the photos I took today.  I should probably explain this photo a bit, our Christmas tress are out on our porch and thriving. I am not sure what it is about raindrops on plants that I love.  Maybe it is just that we don’t normally get rain here and I am mesmerized by it.  Maybe it is because the raindrops look like little crystal balls waiting to tell the future.  Whatever it is, it makes me happy.

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2 Responses to Breath of Fresh Air, take 2

  1. melodydemone says:

    Beautiful, thank you for sharing I feel inspired 🙂

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