A Little Sunshine

The rain clouds have finally parted here in Southern California.  The sun has returned.  Unfortunately it is still unusually cold here.  And seeing as that I am a native Californian, the only cold weather clothing I own is my snowboarding gear.  (Do I board? No.  But that is another story).  Now, normally,  I would make some really great and heavy and warm comfort food but that wouldn’t help my New Years goal.  I know there are quite a few healthy recipes that are warm and comforting, but when I am talking about comfort food, I am talking about baked manacotti or lasagna or a big bowl of french onion soup with lots and lots of melt-y cheese.  But I am off on a tangent and a tempting one at that.  Today I am focusing on finding sunshine and warmth through the idea of color therapy.  With sun popping out, I was so tempted to use actual sunshine to get my photo. It is the new year and I can have some will power and self control. I fell in love with the beautiful lemons I got from my moms house and thought these are bright and warm and sunshine-y! Not only do they brighten up flavors in food, but they do make me smile.  A bit of sunshine in an otherwise grey winter!

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