A Day For Rest

I’m not sure how you ended 2010, but I ended it with a bang.  We spent the weekend with my brother in law and his girlfriend in Hermosa Beach.  The weather was cold, but the company was great.  We may have had a little too much fun that night.  Husband, Lola and I spent the entire first day of 2011 parked on our couch watching movies and the Rose Parade, recovering.  Not a bad way to start the year if you ask me.  I know that New Years resolutions really should start on New Year’s day but there is something so inviting about a couch, a quilt and a puppy that can derail even the best of intentions.  I was determined to start at least one of my resolutions on January 1st.  My very first photo from 2011 was all about rest.  I was so excited to find a way to not have to get off of the couch to take it!

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Project 365

With the end of December came the end of my Picture the Holidays class. Throughout the process I have been asked if I would consider trying a 365 project.  After some careful deliberation, I decided to take it on.  I should probably explain what a 365 project is.  The concept is pretty simple, take a photo a day for 365 days.  But that is where the simplicity ends.  I may be calling on you, my friends and family for prompts.  Trying to find new and interesting things to photograph and finding the time to actually take the photos.  Rather than start with the photos I have taken through December, I wanted to start fresh in 2011. Call it a New Year’s resolution of sorts. To start off January, I have signed up for yet another on of Big Picture Classes Picture the… classes.  This time it is Picture the Winter.  All of January I will get a prompt or assignment in my inbox.  I hope you will all follow me throughout this new journey.

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Gather Your Thoughts

2010 has come to a close and this is the last day of my Picture the Holidays has finally come.  My final assignment? Think of one thing, an intention for 2011 and capture it.  I really love this idea.  My goal is to try and do this every month.  One intention or word to guide me through the next 30 days and one overall theme for the year.  My theme for the year is celebrate.  Celebrate the big events and the little victories.  I would love if this would catch on.  So I challenge you all to do the same.  Pick an intention for 2011 and write it down.  Put it in your wallet, tape it to your phone, anywhere you will see it and it will remind you of your intention.  Here is the photo I felt best captured my intention of celebrate.  Happy 2011 everyone!

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Looking Back

As the year comes to a close, we inevitably start to look back and take stock of the past 365 days.  The good, the bad, and everything in between.  Looking back can help us to move forward, turn our back to start something new.  This doesn’t necessarily mean that whatever we are turning our backs to was bad.  Maybe it is something that we have outgrown or has just run its course.  Other things we may not be able to move on from.  At least not yet.  As I was thinking about the past year, the biggest thing that stood out to me was my pile of unfinished projects.  These are all the projects I have started or wanted to start that I just never finished.  Yards of fabric I bought with good intentions, the book on html I haven’t finished just yet, color swatches to paint the living room.  The one that really stood out to me was the the calligraphy-ed family tree I had started but haven’t finished. So much so, that I actually pulled it out and started working on it again.  My nice clean kitchen table is not so clean anymore.  It is covered in piles of paper, bottles of ink and pen nibs. Hopefully, soon I will be able to share the finished product. Until then, here is my creative mess.  There’s no looking back now!

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A Toast

This is the time of year for toasts.  Family and friends are around so that means lots of food and drink and glasses to be raised.  Last night, my husband and I realized I never had a cake for my birthday. We were going to bring one with us on our adventure on my actual birthday (more on that in a later post) and completely forgot.  Last night we got a cupcake from our local bakery, Cinderella Cakes and opened a bottle of lambrusco we brought back from Italy.  What a wonderful way to toast the past year of my life!

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Through the Looking Glass

I do need to apologize for the brevity of my recent posts.  I am so determined to get caught up on these before the year ends and start up my next challenge that some of my posts are just a few lines.  This post will be no exception.  The assignment today was “Through the Looking Glass”, look at something a bit differently.  I caught the Christmas lights through one of my favorite vases and thought it was absolutely beautiful.  Enjoy my look through the looking glass.

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A Breath of Fresh Air

The challenge today was to go outside and take a breath of fresh air.  The Christmas decorations are (mostly) down.  Time to relax and enjoy the season.  The problem with going outside is that here in Southern California we have been getting an unusally large amount of rain and we just aren’t equipped to deal with it.  Our drainage systems are overflowing, mud is sliding, heck, most of Laguna Beach is under mud.  During a break in the rain, I stepped out onto my porch and captured this photo of one of my succulents.  Oh, did I mention I got a new lens for Christmas?  It kicks butt and I used it for this photo!

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